See how the world’s toughest printers cope with 3rd party toner

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We all know that saving costs is essential to every business and 3rd party toner may appear to be an ideal way to save on costs.
The independent German organisation TÜV showed in a test commissioned by KYOCERA, however, that there can be a high price to pay when cutting costs becomes cutting corners.
TÜV findings show that 3rd party toner not only underperformed, but it caused expensive physical damage to the devices used in the test. So much for savings!
KYOCERA’s devices, although the toughest in the market, are precision pieces of equipment and designed to extremely fine tolerances, meaning that only our toner can give you the quality you expect.

  • Download the test results from TÜV (PDF-file 1.1 MB)  (1,102.5 kB)
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