Green Management

Corporate Motto

Respect the Divine and Love People

Environmental Philosophy

For people and society, KYOCERA strives to be an environmental pioneer

The 21st century is expected to make history as the “environmental era.” KYOCERA recognized early on the burden that business activities can place on the environment and on human life. We have strived to maintain clear vision in pursuing a harmonious balance between economic development and environmental preservation. In addition to operating under strict, group-wide environmental preservation measures - including ozone layer protection reduction, and energy and resource conservation - it is KYOCERA’s policy to develop products that can actively alleviate existing environmental problems.


Green Management

As stated in the management rationale adopted when the company was founded, KYOCERA shall “contribute to the advancement of society and humankind.” We are committed to maintaining effective environmental management systems. KYOCERA has established organizational structures, methods and targets that define its environmental management goals, and is devoted to achieving them responsibly.

  • Environmental Risk Management
    KYOCERA's internal standards for water, air and soil contaminants are designed to be stricter than the public laws affecting our operations, creating a comprehensive environmental management system based on preventive action.
  • Environmental Audits
    KYOCERA conducts an environmental audit of each office and plant on an annual basis. In addition, KYOCERA's environmental performance is examined by external certification agencies every year.
  • Environmental Accounting
    KYOCERA conducts quarterly assessments to monitor the cost efficiency of investments in environmental protection activities. This helps to ensure the effectiveness of environmental protection measueres within each business segment.
  • Environmental Education
    KYOCERA's environmental education efforts extend not only to its employees worldwide, but also to the employees of KYOCERA Group business partners.

Environmental Management Basic Strategies

KYOCERA Environmental Charter applies to whole KYOCERA Group including KYOCERA Document Solutions Group. It clearly expresses the concept of this enterprise in working on the global environmental problems to within and without the corporation. KYOCERA Document Solutions Group establishes environmental management basic strategies in according to this Charter.

  • Promoting business activities that will help build a recycling-oriented society
    Create a resource-recycling society through continuous activities to reduce the environmental load.
  • Providing superior productswith less environmental impact
    Develop and provide more evolved products (longer life and more energy efficient), on the basis of the ECOSYS concept. 
  • Establishing environmental management
    Provide environmental education and training to all employees and establish an environmental index management system to implement continuous and profit-yielding environmental management.
  • Strengthening corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities
    Fulfill social responsibilities as a business enterprise through information disclosure and social contribution activities.

The KYOCERA Document Solutions Group established a consultative and decision-making body called the CSR Committee, to develop and implement Group-wide policies and strategies for addressing environmental regulations.
The Committee oversees the environmental management of the entire KYOCERA Document Solutions Group. Created in February 2004, the Green Committee consists of senior level management followed by seven subcommittees that are assigned to the task of reducing the environmental load across the product lifecycle.

The KYOCERA Green Committee is the core body for implementing and promoting KYOCERA’s environmental preservation activities worldwide. Its subcommittees propose specific targets and performance measurements for discussion and ratification. Each subcommittee performs local environmental preservation activities under the Green Committee’s direction.

In addition, the KYOCERA Affiliated Companies Green Committee supports individual subsidiaries throughout the KYOCERA Group, helping them to implement environmental directives based on the KYOCERA Environmental Charter.

Environmental News

  • KYOCERA celebrates 27 years of sustainability at the core of operations
  • Introducing KYOCERA Capture Manager – The New Scanning and Capture Software Solution for Businesses
  • KYOCERA proves environmental management sustainability through ISO 14001:2015 certification

Environmental Policies KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe

  • Environmental Policy  (294.9 kB)
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