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Environmental protection is most sustainable when it is also economically feasible. At KYOCERA, our goal is to contribute to society by developing environmentally friendly products and technologies with economic benefits - such as solar modules and pollution-reducing fine ceramic components.

KYOCERA Document Solutions promotes the development of products with less environmental impact through compliance with relevant standards and specifications and implementation of product assessments.

KYOCERA's 3R Strategy - Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

In pursuing product development, KYOCERA Document Solutions always pays attention to 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) perspectives. To develop 3R-conscious products, product designers perform product assessments from the earliest design stage, in accordance with the Eco-friendly Development Standards. Evaluation items for product assessment include reduction in number of parts, reduction in product weight, use of recycled plastic and reused parts. Numerical targets for environmental impact reduction are set for each evaluation item for each production stage, such as part production and assembly. Compliance with energy-saving standards and environmental labels is clearly specified as a requirement in product specifications.

Solar Power Generating Systems

Efforts to stop global warming require clean alternatives to oil and other fossil fuels. Sunlight, which is clean, inexhaustible and available virtually anywhere on Earth, represents an ideal resource. KYOCERA has been developing solar energy technologies continuously since 1975, making solar power practical, affordable and widely available. Proven effective in residential, industrial and public facilities, solar energy is becoming a borderless resource, bringing power to areas previously without electricity. The whole building equipped with solar pannels, KYOCERA headquarters in Kyoto has been generating its own electricity since the late 1980's.  

Solar System for Large-Scale Housing Complex (Germany)

KYOCERA Solar Groove

(San Diego, USA)
Headquarters with solar, KYOCERA (Kyoto, Japan)

Fineceramics as KYOCERA core competence

Fine ceramics - KYOCERA's core competence - include many high-performance materials that can help preserve the environment. We have developed a variety of sophisticated products that take advantag of ceramics's superios restistance to abrasion, heat and corrosion. In addition, to ensure that KYOCERA produdcts are environmentally sound, we have instituted a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) program based on your Environmental Consciousness Evalutaion System, the "environmental consciousness" of products and technologies is evalutated in all divisions and R&D groups during development to facilitated the creation of products with less environmental impact.

KYOCERA's Long-Life Technology - ECOSYS

Based on KYOCERA Document Solutions' many years of expertise in unique long-life technology, under the basic philosophy of "Continuing to develop and produce remarkable environmentally conscious products true to the name of the printer brand 'ECOSYS' all through the ages," KYOCERA is developing environmentally conscious products and technologies in various aspects. Find out more about ECOSYS.

Environmental News

  • KYOCERA celebrates 27 years of sustainability at the core of operations
  • Introducing KYOCERA Capture Manager – The New Scanning and Capture Software Solution for Businesses
  • KYOCERA proves environmental management sustainability through ISO 14001:2015 certification
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