With its business expanding, RYMCO was keen to rev up its document management. With many high-TCO output devices putting an unnecessary burden on RYMCO’s expenses, it was time to make a clean sweep of its mixed print fleet. One of Lebanon's leading automotive dealerships turned to authorised KYOCERA Document Solutions partner Electronic Business Equipment (EBE) for help.


Rasamny-Younis Motor Company S.A.L. is a joint ISO-certified 9001:2008 stock company that was established in Lebanon in 1957. It is the only automotive dealer to have been listed on the Beirut
Stock Exchange since 1998. RYMCO is one of the leading vehicle retail dealerships in Lebanon where it holds majority market share in the new vehicle retail industry and commands a considerable
portion of the used vehicle market. RYMCO operates a chain of independent showrooms and stores, a bonded warehouse as well as state-of-the-art servicing and maintenance facilities.

Representing premium automotive brands such as Nissan, Infiniti and GMC, RYMCO kept growing its business, having held the No. 1 market share in Lebanon five years in a row (2005 - 2009). The
rapid growth of the company meant its document device fleet became increasingly complex, including 129 copiers, printers and fax machines from HP, Canon, Konica Minolta, Sharp and Panasonic.

The Challenge

RYMCO’s mixed-brand device fleet caused a lot of time being spent on managing consumables, with items having to be sourced from many different suppliers. Also, a great deal of space was required to
make sure all the necessary items were on stock. Organising service and maintenance was another cumbersome process due to each vendor having its own terms and conditions. Another issue caused
by the device fleet being highly heterogenous was the lack of user friendliness: users were being confronted with many different interfaces, both in terms of operation panels and in terms of printer

In addition, many of RYMCO’s printers were high-TCO due to being inkjet or cartridge-type devices with costly and wasteful consumables. As a result, print costs were high, putting a burden on profitability. To make matters worse, many of the printers were standalone so that they could only be used by one person – not the most cost-effective setup.

The Solution

Following a device fleet analysis, authorized KYOCERA Document Solutions partner EBE made an optimisation proposal that involved the replacement of all current devices with low-TCO KYOCERA copiers, printers and MFPs.

EBE’s device fleet optimisation decreased the number of brands from five to one, delivering increased ease of use thanks to the unified user interface of the KYOCERA devices and Kyocera’s KX printer driver. Thanks to EBE being RYMCO’s single point of contact, managing supplies as well as organising service and maintenance have become much more efficient. Also, with toner being the only consumable required by KYOCERA printers, much less floor space is needed to stock supplies.

EBE made sure that all the newly installed KYOCERA devices were networked, allowing copiers, printers and MFPs to be shared between RYMCO staff.

The Result


  • Print costs were reduced by half following EBE’s optimisation of RYMCO’s device fleet, giving room to a healthier profit ratio.
  • Much more efficient consumables and service & maintenance management thanks to EBE being RYMCO’s single point of contact.
  • A higher level of user satisfaction thanks to the unified user interface of KYOCERA printers and MFPs – no more guesswork at the operation panel.
  • More efficient IT user support and convenient print job processing with KYOCERA’s KX printer driver – one driver for all devices.
  • A marked cutback in the amount of waste associated with RYMCO’s document management thanks to KYOCERA’s toner-only concept.


Customer Statement

“Abiding by our commitment to work efficiently with clever cost management, we decided to trade in all our existing copiers, printers and fax machines with KYOCERA printers and MFPs from EBE. In doing so, we managed to reduce our print costs by half while enjoying a high-quality product that is unified across all branches.”

Nadine Salman Corporate Administration Manager

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