Cutting costs and increasing efficiency at one of Britain's leading global insurers

Britain's leading global insurer met its environmental targets thanks to a dramatically reduced fleet size with long-life devices and intelligent software solutions for document security and fleet monitoring. RSA is operating in 130 countries and providing general insurance products to over 20 million customers worldwide.


The company has a strong ethos of corporate responsibility. In the UK, RSA operates directly through the MORE TH>N® brand offering personal, home, motor and pet insurance, and indirectly through the Broker and Affinity channels. The company has 22 UK sites and employs 7,000 people. RSA’s output devices consisted of a fleet of over 3,000 units, with print volumes of over 280 million sheets of paper over a five-year period.

The Challenge

Downtime was a major issue for RSA due to long repair cycles of up to three weeks. Other major concerns were document security and a lack of consistent access controls. To meet its own environmental targets and reduce costs, a detailed monitoring solution for paper, consumables and energy consumption was required. RSA’s aim was to involve its staff more closely in office-based sustainability measures and it was looking for a way to make its entire documentation system more efficient through a managed document service.

The Solution

  • Reduce fleet size to just 282 KYOCERA devices.
  • Interview power users to offer convenient access to and meet demands for required printing, copying, faxing and scanning facilities.
  • Support and train all staff throughout the transition, with change management to support acceptance of the new ratio for devices to employees (from 1:8 to 1:21).
  • Address security concerns with a FollowMe system that uses RSA’s existing door access cards to initiate print jobs at the devices.
  • Implement duplex printing as standard to cut the number of pages printed.
  • Establish transparency by installing fleet monitoring software that
    delivers real-time updates on the status and performance of devices, and the costs of consumables.
  • Employ KYOCERA’s ECOSYS technology to minimise toner costs and reduce waste.

The Result

  • 25 % reduction in monochrome printing per month, 56 % reduction in colour printing per month.
  • 17 % reduction in the number of pages printed thanks to the introduction of duplex printing.
  • Increased uptime to 99.89 % with average repair time dropping to 5.4 hours.
  • Increased document security and user satisfaction.
  • Significant financial savings.
  • Fully transparent costs for accurate budgeting.


Customer Statement

“The cost, productivity and environmental benefits have met or exceeded
all of our expectations. We are now at the stage where we can look
beyond the initial deployment to identify other print-related efficiency
opportunities, such as expanding the deployment
to include home-based
workers and mainframe printing. The strong delivery partnership that we
have engendered with Kyocera means that we can be confident that our
print network will improve continuously as we move forward.”

James de Watteville CIO of RSA UK

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