DSK Bank


Reduced costs and improved service at Bulgaria’s biggest bank

Bulgaria's leading high-street bank reduced costs and improved service and security thanks to a more efficient printer fleet, maintenance service and ID card authentication at the devices.


DSK is Bulgaria’s leading high-street bank. Its services include cash deposit and withdrawals, insurance, pensions and asset management. It is present throughout the country with 362 branches employing around 4,000 people and using more than 3,000 print devices. Its print volume was about 9 million pages per year with the head office in Sofia responsible for most of this printing.

The Challenge

The printer fleet in Sofia consisted of 65 HP devices (LJ 3005 and 4250’s). The fleet had a high failure rate that resulted in long down time and extra costs. Each two tray printer was used by four employees meaning that documents became mixed up, confidentiality was compromised and access to sensitive documents was unrestricted.
DSK Bank was looking to improve its documentation system without having to invest in new hardware. Its aim was to significantly improve its service quality, control print output, install secure document controls and improve the reliability of their fleet.

The Solution

  • Detailed on-site assessment of the existing office environment and all business processes.
  • Re-design of the documentation system based on the findings of the assessment and DSK Bank’s specific business needs.
  • Full service contract, that provides new devices as well as consumables and maintenance services to DSK Bank.
  • Replacement of the old devices with 40 FS-4020DN and 10 FS-9520DN KYOCERA ECOSYS printers, with long life components and consumables to handle high print volumes.
  • Installation of MyQ terminals on the FS-9520DN printers, to control document access and monitor printing volumes and costs.


The Result

  • Guaranteed confidentiality of documents thanks to MyQ’s card identification system.
  • Increased efficiency by reducing the time spent to find and collect printed documents.
  • Improved transparency through better management, analysis and reporting.
  • Maximised output quality at no extra cost through the use of original tone


  • Download  (397.1 kB)
  • DSK Bank Case Study as pdf document

Customer Statement

“DSK Bank always makes efforts to be
highly efficient, especially with regard
to large-scale processes incurring substantial cost. In this relation we are very grateful to our long-standing partner Kontrax for supporting us by installing KYOCERA ECOSYS devices with all their benefits including long-life components and consumables, fully recyclable packaging, and minimal waste of recycling and
non-toxic materials. Bearing in mind the positive effects, we are now focused on implementing the solution in our branch offices. It will be a complex project with many challenges but I have no doubt that the valuable
international experience of KYOCERA and the exceptional local expertise
of Kontrax will make this endeavour successful.“

Yuriy Genov Head of IT and Operations Directorate

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