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OHALO College wanted to improve the copy and print facilities it was offering to its staff and students. At the same time, the college was eager to gain insight into its copy / print costs and find ways of reducing them. KYOCERA partner Yazamco optimised the college’s printer and MFP fleet and developed a custom billing and reporting solution, enabling OHALO College to reduce output costs by as much as 20 %.


OHALO College is an Israeli teachers training college located in the north of Israel on the Golan Heights. Ohalo is committed to training teachers to a high standard, offering both Bachelor of Education and continuing education courses.

The college has about 2000 students and 250 staff members, who print and copy around three million pages per year. The printer fleet consisted of 50 devices from various brands. Administrative staff was using desktop printers. Academic staff did not have any access to printers and had to go to a central copy room for any photocopies they needed to make.

The Challenge

OHALO College used a pre-paid card system to bill students for their copying and printing. Whenever cards were damaged or lost, there was no way for the students to get reimbursed.

In addition, all the students’ print jobs ended up in one and the same print queue, forcing students to go through the entire list to find their document. Apart from being inefficient, this system proved to be prone to errors, with students accidentally printing documents other than their own and being charged for it. This also led to misprints lying about, compromising the confidentiality of information. 

On top of being either over used or under used, many of the printers and MFPs OHALO College was using had a high cost per page. However, no output monitoring was in place. As a result, any cost saving potential remained hidden.

The Solution

KYOCERA partner Yazamco designed a new network billing solution. Students now pay for their prints at a vending machine and are billed over the network. The print and copy cards are used to identify at the MFP. This ensures that print credit remains valid even if the card gets lost or damaged.

Network printing was implemented to use the printers more efficiently. Prints are now sent over the network and can be released from any free printer by using the print and copy card to identify. Custom reporting software monitors the print and copy income of various departments. The card-based secure printing tool helps to control and monitor print volumes, reduce misprints and increase
document confidentiality.

12 KYOCERA MFPs with exceptionally low running costs replaced the old mixed-brand fleet of 50 devices. The personal desktop printers of the administrative staff were replaced with shared and more efficient network devices.

The Result

  • 15 – 20 % cost reduction
  • 75 % reduction in devices needed
  • No more queuing at print stations
  • OHALO College can now charge different prices to different types of users (students, staff, guests)
  • High satisfaction levels of both the IT department and the students


Customer Statement

„The combination of KYOCERA’s reliable MFPs and Yazamco’s secure printing solution has proven to be a
perfect solution to our needs. Both our students and our administrative staff are perfectly happy with it. The queues
have gone, and we saved about 20 % on our output costs.”

Uri Livne CIO

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