Incredible savings in Czech Republic's biggest construction company

Metrostav's immense printing costs bit the dust with the help of a highly optimised print fleet and document workflow. The new fleet is only a fifth in size, while being more efficient, more secure and easy to monitor and service.


Metrostav a.s. is the largest construction company in the Czech Republic employing over 3,000 people. The company has ten separate divisions in various locations spread around the country. The company was involved in more than 120 different construction projects around the country.

The Challenge

Metrostav was using almost 1,700 printing devices from various manufacturers, most of which were old, obsolete and nearing the end of their lifetime. Dust from the building sites had severely damaged many devices affecting output and quality. The operating costs of these devices was spiralling out of control and Metrostav was determined to regain control over their print costs and improve the efficiency of their document workflow.


The Solution

  • Metrostav’s device fleet was optimised, their 1,700 out dated printers and copiers being replaced by 300 low-TCO KYO CERA TASKalfa 250ci MFPs.
  • All the TASKalfa 250ci‘s were equipped with MyQ Embedded terminals controlling access to the MFPs by PIN or personal card identification.
  • MyQ Service module was implemented providing automatic toner orders, automatic reports informing the Metrostav IT department and service provider about potential troubles with the device. If the error is not solved in time the message is escalated according to a pre-determined plan until the problem is resolved.
  • MyQ central print monitoring system was implemented for all KYO CERA MFPs, situated in more than 140 locations.

The Result

  • 66 % savings on output costs (2.3 million EUR within 4 years) thanks to authorized KYOCERA partner Janus‘ fleet optimisation and the low TCO of KYO CERA devices. 20 % decrease in printing volume thanks to MyQ‘s continuous monitoring.
  • No more lost printouts thanks to the fact that users identify themselves at the MFP before their documents are printed.
  • Increased efficiency and employee satisfaction, because their jobs
    can be printed on any available device (Follow me function). Employees are no longer restricted to one or two particular devices.
  • Thanks to MyQ service module, the IT department uses less time managing the devices.


  • Download  (278.7 kB)
  • Metrostav Case Study as download

Customer Statement

“The economic crisis was affecting our
business and we were looking for ways
to cut costs. We were impressed by the
approach of Janus, authorized Kyocera
Document Solutions partner, who offered
us not only favourable leasing conditions
but also low-TCO Kyocera MFPs equipped
with MyQ – a powerful combination which
has enabled us to reduce our output volume and achieve incredible savings.”

Ing. Miroslav Pánek Chief Economic Officer of Metrostav a.s.

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