Transparency and control translate into significant savings.

The retail discount chain’s immense printing costs turn into a bargain after the fleet was replaced with low-TCO KYOCERA printers and MFP's. More than half of the devices were replaced and Globus monthly energy consumption went down significantly.


Globus is a German retail discounter network represented in Germany, Czech Republic and Russia. Currently Globus has five hypermarkets in Russia: in Klimovsk, Schelkovo, Vladimir, Ryazan and Yaroslavl. Their head office is in Moscow. Each hypermarket employs 700 to 800 people.

The Challenge

Print volumes, monochrome as well as colour, kept increasing and there was an excess of output devices. However, the machines were not able to handle peak volumes. Energy consumption was too high and consumables procurement was a messy procedure, leading to unnecessary machine downtimes due to lack of consumables. Service costs were out of control and there was no awareness of user needs.

The Solution

  • Assessment of Globus‘ device fleet through monthly device counter readings, paper consumption data analysis, a company-wide questionnaire, and interviews with workgroup managers and the IT Director.
  • To decrease output expenses, Globus‘ mixed-brand device fleet was replaced with low-TCO KYOCERA printers and MFPs, reducing the number of devices from 300 to 197 and the number of brands from seven to one.
  • Installation of MyQ for easy and transparent print volume and cost monitoring, security, print accounting per workgroup and employee, and a low toner warning system.
  • Peak volume handling was greatly improved by fleet optimization and implementation of MyQ‘s print optimisation - routing print jobs to the most appropriate devices; rearranging print queues, cluster printing for large volumes, etc.

The Result

  • Monthly running costs decreased by 20%.
  • Average monthly downtime per device fell from 105 hours to 56.7 hours - a 46% reduction.
  • Monthly colour output volume shrank from 122,700 to about 100,000 pages - an 18% decline.
  • Thanks to the 65% reduction of the number of devices along with print optimisation, Globus‘ monthly energy consumption went down significantly - a decrease of more than 60%.


Customer Statement

“The intelligent combination of KYOCERA products, MyQ’s integrated print optimisation system and APT’s advanced solutions has significantly reduced our print costs, electricity consumption and ecological footprint. APT Distribution has professionally delivered their MDS Solutions in accordance with the highest European standards.”

Malte Wolters IT Director at Globus Russia

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