Bamburi Cement


From unstructured growth to an integrated output environment.

Bamburi Cement's document management caught up with the company's rapid growth by optimising and networking the print fleet and adapting processes to the new requirements. Uptimes increased to nearly 100%, costs dropped by 30% and productivity and efficiency rose.

The Challenge

The company’s rapid growth led to ad-hoc acquisitions of various different models of standalone copiers, printers, scanners & fax machines. This caused a significant over- or under-utilization of devices, expensive administration due to multiple invoices and payments from various service providers, as well as large inventories of consumables and difficulties in support for all the different models.

The Solution

  • A systematic MDS approach including audit, tailor-made optimisation proposal, implementation and ongoing management.
  • Installation of document accounting software that enables swipe card authentication, to ensure accountability for all of the documents that are produced.
  • Improvement of all processes to enhance staff productivity and ensure employee satisfaction. Networking of the entire fleet with a web interface so that users can automatically install print drivers for different locations.

The Result

  • Significant improvement of uptimes from 50 % to 99.5 %
  • 30% reduction of the overall document production costs
  • Reduction of paper consumption by up to 30 %
  • Reduction of the equipment per employee ratio
  • Enhanced staff productivity thanks to the advanced technical features
  • Simplified, once-per-month billing and streamlined procurement and accounting processes


Customer Statement

“This initiative has cut costs, improved efficiency and improved document management. The KYOCERA team
listened carefully to our needs. We met a number of times, and they came up with a great proposal and a
solution that has exceeded our expectations”

Herbert Mulindwa Service Delivery & Infrastructure Manager, Bamburi Cement Nairobi, Kenya

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