ArcelorMittal was looking for ways to streamline its document management across its numerous sites while at the same time reducing costs. KYOCERA Document Solutions was able to adapt to the steel giant’s specific security constraints and optimised ArcelorMittal’s printer fleet with respect to efficiency and reliability. It also provided the firm with a fleet management tool that reveals optimisation potential and allows for detailed central invoicing.


ArcelorMittal is the world’s leading steel producer. It provides high quality steel to all major markets including automotive, construction, household appliances and packaging. It employs around
232,000 people in 60 countries.

Since the euro crisis, both the global demand for steel and its price have fallen substantially. Therefore, ArcelorMittal needed to improve its document processes and cost structure. The company looked for a partner to help it harmonise its various service levels, technical actions and internal workflows across all counties and regions.

The Challenge

Over time, ArcelorMittal accumulated a heterogeneous printer fleet using diverse brands. They did not have a central monitoring or invoicing system, thus making the control and reduction of document
output costs nearly impossible.

Most fleet contracts were agreed and managed locally with various suppliers in each country. Moreover, it was discovered that 80% of the company’s MFPs were used at less than 20% of their maximum capacity, which meant that the company spent a lot of money in vain.

Because of the great importance of security on all its sites, it was crucial for ArcelorMittal to find a partner with local maintenance teams schooled to handle the procedures and security rules specific
to steel plants, including how to react in case of a gas alarm or a fire.

The Solution

After a comprehensive analysis, KYOCERA re-designed ArcelorMittal’s fleet: there are now fewer models and they all have a similar easy-touse interface as well as one unique driver. The whole document management system was centralised in order to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Customised service levels were agreed on for every site and global printing policies were set up. They help reduce costs by curtailing colour consumption and paper waste.

KYOCERA installed a fleet management tool managing updates as well as toner and support alerts centrally. This tool also produces customised service reports that monitor the fleet and provides the
information needed to manage the KPIs and prepare the monthly review meetings. In addition, the tool provides the consumption data used to invoice the steel giant centrally. The invoices contain
enough details for ArcelorMittal to allocate and split costs internally. To minimise downtime and increase efficiency even further, a single point of contact for IT-related issues was established. ArcelorMittal’s IT workflow immediately informs KYOCERA if the incident has to do with the printer fleet.

All technicians working on-site were schooled about ArcelorMittal’s safety protocols and took part special training sessions to meet the requirements of the customer.

The Result


  • The printing and colour consumption policies as well as the rationalised printer fleet lead to visible savings.
  • Complete transparency and higher efficiency thanks to centralised ordering, central technical activities and invoicing.
  • Precise data allows to identify over- and underused devices and to measure colour consumption in detail, enabling benchmarking between the sites for further optimisation.
  • The centralised and very effective helpdesk for IT-related issues simplifies the processes in case of an incident and enhances ArcelorMittal’s end-user productivity.
  • Customised service level agreements guarantee the same service in every location.
  • So far the first rollouts have been in 7 EMEA countries and will cover even more countries in the near future.


Customer Statement

“KYOCERA is a dedicated partner, understanding the needs of an industrial and geographically spread customer
using local customisations in different countries. The company’s internationality ensures a professional service
anywhere in the world. The measures taken used the group dynamic to bring about quick changes: KYOCERA
created benchmarks between sites to trigger improvement and set up a central service board as well as a central
technical management team.”

Juan Miguel Gil Printing Lead ArcelorMittal

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