Improved workflow at croatia's growing forwarder

ALCA’s total costs as well as consumable and printing costs decreased drastically by co-ordinating processes and reducing the number of service suppliers as well as the number of devices needed.


Employing approximately 650 people, Alca Zagreb d.o.o. distributes products of well-known brands such as Nestlé, Puma, Lu, Kimberly Clark, Nivea, Hello Kitty, L‘Oréal Paris and FujiFilm throughout Croatia. Products are delivered to more than 12,000 locations, varying from mega markets to small kiosks on islands off the Croatian coast.

The Challenge

Alca’s device fleet consisted of a mixture of HP laser printers, Epson and Tally dot matrix printers, Canon MFPs and Panasonic fax machines – 125 devices in total. Due to the large number of mixed-brand cartridgebased printers and copiers, the company had to deal with several service suppliers and dispose of a lot of waste while keeping a huge stock of consumables. In an effort to cut costs, Alca was using non-original toners.The dot matrix printers frequently broke down, affecting efficiency and productivity on the work floor and increasing the fleet‘s costs.

The Solution

  •  In cooperation with Alca’s Finance and IT Departments, authorized
    KYOCERA partner Xenon forte conducted interviews with the
    management and analysed the device fleet, collecting data on the
    TCO, TCS, print volume and usage of each device.
  • To reduce and control costs, Alca's device fleet was redesigned
    with just 38 KYOCERA laser printers and MFPs: 12 FS-1128MFPs,
    8 FS-1135MFPs, 3 TASKalfa 250ci‘s, 3 FS-2020DNs and 12 FS-4020DNs.
  • Single point of contact was implemented to coordinate processes and reduce the number of service suppliers.
  • Xenon forte will implement KYOCERA’s MyQ to reduce the waiting and
    improve the security at the devices.

The Result

  • - 40% total costs
  • A drop in service outages of more than 50 % through the implementation of the single point of contact concept.
  • A reduction in consumable costs of approximately 30 %.
  • A decline of network administration expenses of more than 20 %.
  • A decrease in Alca‘s paper consumption thanks to documents being sent digitally using the scanning functionality of KYOCERA MFPs instead of traditional fax machines.
  • An increase of user satisfaction that led to the implementation of
  • KYOCERA Document Solutions in a new Alca group company


Customer Statement

“Thanks to the reliability of the KYOCERA
machines, our business can now continue
without being interrupted by frustrating
downtime or service intervals. We no longer need to keep huge amounts of consumables on stock, and our print costs have dropped drastically”

Albert Sestan IT Manager Alca Zagreb

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