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Better performance at Romania's flourishing leasing company

Credit Europe Leasing improved overall print performance with more reliable devices, reduced document costs, less time spent on administrative tasks and a customised design for promissory notes boosted productivity.

The Challenge

With a head office in Bucharest and seven regional branches, Credit Europe Leasing IFN SA is a medium sized financial services company, ranked as one of the most dynamic players in Romania. It is part of Credit Europe International Leasing NV, which operates similar business units in Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Russia and the Ukraine.

Credit Europe Leasing’s device fleet consisted of a mix of HP printers and Toshiba MFPs across their central headquarters and seven regional branches – a network of 70 devices in total. The company was confronted with a high rate of device breakdowns and subsequent long downtimes (up to 6 %). The original service providers could not deliver the required service levels, leaving CE Leasing to cope with long repair and response times due to ever increasing frequency of problems. A lack of versatile devices meant the internal document flow was both sluggish and costly. The uncoordinated management of the multi-vendor fleet put an extra burden on the whole IT staff. CE Leasing could not print documents securely which is vital when printing documents such as promissory notes for leasing contracts.

The Solution

  • To enhance reliability, the existing fleet was gradually replaced with KYOCERA MFPs and printers. The MDS agreement with authorised KYOCERA partner Vlamir ensures a constant, superior quality of service and keeps downtime limited to less than 1 %.
  • To reduce overall document costs, LDAP-enabled devices with net-work scanning and faxing and duplex functionality for copy and print streamlined the document flows and improved CE Leasing’s papersaving policy.
  • To heighten pro-active management of the device fleet, KYOcount
    was chosen as the core MDS application. KYOcount helps take care of fleet monitoring and a predictive procurement of consumables.
  • KYOCERA Net Viewer was installed, enabling remote management of the entire fleet - including firmware updates and deployment of configuration files, allowing IT staff to be more flexible.
  • A bespoke special fixture was designed to enable reliable printing of
    promissory notes in their original paper format. The fixture fits perfectly into the device’s standard cassette and allows stacking up to 250 notes, compared to 50 notes from the unit bypass.

The Result

  • A reduction of operating costs by 28 % during the first 12 months, with a further 5 % (year to year) expected in the coming years thanks to the continuous enhancement of overall performance.
  • A decrease in downtime from an average 6.07 % to less than 0.1 % through the use of KYOCERA devices.
  • A decline in time spent on administrative tasks of up to 75 % thanks to centralised device management and account monitoring.
  • A test proved that the design of the fixture for promissory notes is extremely reliable with a failure rate of less than 0.2 % and an increased productivity of printing leasing contract documents

Customer Statement

“The implementation of KYOCERA MDS in our company by their authorised partner Vlamir Impex proved the high level of competence of their staff and helped us reduce our operating costs and increase the reliability of our document processing infrastructure. Higher performance at lower costs allows us to better focus on our core business.”

Gokhan Baydar CIO Credit Europe Leasing IFN SA

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