Hídépítő Zrt.


Cost reduction and security in hungary's renowned construction company

Hungary’s renowned construction company gained an accurate overview of output costs while also reducing them by a third. Due to the consistent and user-friendly interface of KYOCERA MFPs, Hídépítő now also enjoys more efficient workflows.

The Challenge

Hídépítő Zrt., Hungary‘s renowned construction company, is one of the oldest companies in the country. Most of the major bridges and viaducts in Hungary have been built by Hídépítő Zrt. and the company is extending its activities into neighbouring countries such as Croatia and the Czech Republic. Employing about 350 people in one of their largest office buildings, Hídépítő Zrt. consists of several financially independent businesses that share the same IT infrastructure. The company was keen to optimise their network deployment, using only one network interface per device. In addition, there was a strong need to reduce document output expenses and also to split costs by member company, by project and by employee. Document confidentiality was another important issue. The company had a lot of high-TCO desktop printers.

The Solution

  • To reduce document output expenses, 10 high-volume KYOCERA TASKalfa MFPs were integrated in the company‘s network to replace its old single-function copiers. A considerable amount of print jobs has been transferred from Hídépítő Zrt.'s high-TCO desktop printers to these shared low-TCO MFPs.
  • To fulfil Hídépítőő Zrt.'s. cost reduction and reporting needs, the KYOCERA MFPs were fitted out with MyQ Embedded Terminals and MyQ‘s Easy Report Tool was installed.
  • To ensure document confidentiality, MyQ's Follow Me and Scanner Management functionality were installed.
  • Only 10 network ports were used for the new installment, thanks to KYOCERA's integrated controller.

The Result

  • Output costs were reduced by approximately 30% by transferring print jobs from Hídépítő Zrt.'s high-TCO desktop printers to KYOCERA‘s low-TCO TASKalfa MFPs.
  • Hídépíto Zrt. now has an accurate overview of output costs by member company, by project and by employee thanks to MyQ's online monitoring system.
  • Document confidentiality is guaranteed thanks to MyQ's Follow Me and Scanner Management.
  • More efficient workflow thanks to consistent and user-friendly interface of KYOCERA MFPs.

Customer Statement

“This solution has improved Hídépitő Zrt.'s competitiveness by drastically reducing its output costs. Also, the company can now monitor and manage document expenses on a project basis. Last but not least, the new set-up makes very efficient use of Hídépitő Zrt.'s network resources.”

Judit Lampert Managing Director – Go-By Kft. (company responsible for Hídépitő Zrt.'s IT set-up)

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