Consolidated Contractors Group


Total cost control and transparency at Oman's versatile contractor

The leading transnational construction contractor, Consolidated Contractors Group, saved document production costs, significantly reduced network administration and now has efficient supply management and device maintenance.

The Challenge

Consolidated Contractors Group (CCC ) is a leading transnational construction contractor that oversees the delivery of engineering and construction projects, predominantly in the petrochemicals industry. Operational expenses (OPE X) play a vital role in the construction sector, however at CCC Oman, there was very limited control over document output cost or any workflow monitoring, which meant that documents were scanned and distributed without any supervision. Service cost as well as the expenses related to the procurement and distribution of consumables had risen to an unacceptable high level. CCC Oman wanted to be able to gain more control over their existing systems and manage costs more effectively and efficiently. In addition, the company wanted to get a better insight into the running costs of its output devices, such as supplies and maintenance.

The Solution

  • Installation of KMnet Viewer network management solution and MyQ secure printing and accounting solution.
  • Shared use of KYOCERAnetworked MFPs in a central equipment room, replacing standalone desktop devices. All devices work with the same printer driver, KYOCERA's proprietary KX driver.
  • Unified consumables and supplies management; single point of contact through local partner Mustafa Sultan Office Technologies.
  • Electronic document capturing and archiving through consistent use of KYOCERA MFPs' scan functions following a company-wide user training.

The Result

  • On average 30% saving on document production costs.
  • Significant reduction of network administration, thanks to the installation of KMnet Viewer and unique KYOCERA KX driver.
  • Complete cost transparency and control as well as insight into device usage with MyQ. M Much more efficient supply management and device maintenance.

Customer Statement

“It was always difficult to maintain effective printing services and lower OPEX at the same time. Thanks to KYOCERA products and services and the deep involvement of our local partner Mustafa Sultan Office Technologies, we are now able to achieve that delicate balance.”

Javed Dalwai Manager Information Management, Technology & Telecom

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