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Coca-Cola HBC Croatia was using a highly heterogeneous printer and MFP fleet across its 11 offices throughout the country. With every supplier having its own terms and conditions, maintenance and consumables management was far from efficient and operating costs were spiralling out of control. KYOCERA authorized partner Xenon forte helped solve these issues, and more.


Coca-Cola HBC Croatia is a member of the Coca-Cola Hellenic Group that is one of the 300 bottling partners that make up the Coca-Cola System, the largest beverage distribution system in the world. In Croatia, the Coca-Cola System comprises Coca-Cola HBC Croatia and Coca-Cola Adria, a subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company.

Since 1968, Coca-Cola HBC Croatia has grown to over 449 employees in Croatia, generating a revenue of about 120 million Euros. It is based in Zagreb and operates a bottling plant there. In addition, Coca-Cola HBC Croatia channels products through six warehouses and distribution centers.

Over the years, Coca-Cola HBC Croatia's printer fleet had become increasingly complex, with machines originating from a diverse range of vendors, and no central management in place.

The Challenge

Coca-Cola Hellenic Croatia's highly heterogeneous print fleet generated high operating costs in terms of maintenance and consumables supply and storage due to the variety of suppliers, each with their own terms and conditions.

In addition, some of the functionalities required, e.g. scanning and colour printing, were not accessible to all users. Also, the distribution of printers and MFPs across Coca-Cola HBC Croatia's facilities was not optimal, so that some users had to walk a long distance to get to a device that offered the functionality they needed.

Central monitoring was not in place, and there was no way to assign the expenses of consumables or maintenance to different cost centres. Coca-Cola HBC Croatia wanted to gain insight into the cost saving potential of their printer and MFP fleet. Also, the company wanted to establish document workflow transparency and secure the confidentiality of their documents.

The Solution

After the Xenon forte team had shown the cost savings that could be made with KYOCERA devices, Coca-Cola HBC Croatia decided to accept their offer and have their device fleet replaced with KYOCERA printers and MFPs. Now, a device is available to every user within 15 metres.

KYOCERA MyQ was implemented, enabling fleet control and tracking of printed documents as well as cost allocation to departments, projects and cost centers. Management reports, usage analysis and other overviews are issued on a monthly basis.

Access to the devices is controlled by ID cards and PIN codes so that documents are secure. To meet Coca-Cola HBC Croatia's request, some additional features like scanning and faxing via e-mail were also implemented, maintaining the specific workflow that was in place before Xenon forte came in so that users did not need to familiarize themselves with a new procedure.

The Result

  • After the first six months following the implementation of KYOCERA MDS, Coca-Cola HBC Croatia reported a saving on their document output costs of approximately 15% compared to the previous year.
  • A 20% reduction of print volume in comparison with the previous year without any significant changes in business processes.
  • Easier planning and forecasting of monthly, quarterly and yearly IT budgets.
  • A much higher level of efficiency in maintenance and consumables supply thanks to a single point of contact.
  • Document confidentiality across all locations with KYOCERA MyQ's Print & Follow output control.
  • A much higher level of user satisfaction across Coca-Cola HBC Croatia's offices.


Customer Statement

"Thanks to Xenon forte's Implementation of KYOCERA MFPs with MyQ, we now have much lower TCO. It has also given
us high-quality document printing, scanning and faxing in all our offices across the country. Our device fleet has
been reduced by approximately 50%, and yet our users are much happier than they were before because all the
functionality they need is available to them. Xenon forte are doing a great job - they really care for the customer."

Ernest Vinković Head of End User Support for Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina

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