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Reducing costs and esmissions in public administration.

The Augsburg council cut print costs by 25% and reduced emissions and administrative burdens by unifying and optimising its highly scattered and mixed print fleet, installing a single point of contact and implementing automated intranet solutions for procurement.

The Challenge

The status quo saw a widely scattered and heterogeneous fleet with 10 different vendors, hundreds of different device types and more than 700 different toners. Until then, only the purchase price was an issue and not the equally important follow up costs. Furthermore, the environmental impact of the vast fleet was not considered either.

The Solution

  • A detailed analysis of the overall costs of the fleet and consequential set-up of a central information and procurement platform that works via the municipal government’s intranet. As a consequence only one point of contact is required and the old devices will be replaced gradually so as to ensure economic viability.
  • Implementation of KYOCERA devices that guarantee an exceptionally high degree of operating efficiency, especially in cases of high print and copy volumes thanks to their low total cost of ownership.
  • Development of an environmental evaluation system for procurement.

The Result

  • Cost savings of 25% and planning stability for the future.
  • The implementation of KYOCERA devices has not only led to a drastic reduction in CO2 emissions, but also in energy costs.
  • Decreased work load through efficient and automated intranet solution for procurement.

Customer Statement

“Thanks to the high cost-efficiency we are now achieving savings of well over 25%. We have the figures to prove it and will continue to restructure the fleet.”

Anke Lemke Head of IT Procurement for the City of Augsburg

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